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Tarja Zarba - December 2018

Tarja joined the Heywood Community Relations Team in the fall of 1990, and in her time here she has become involved in just about everything we do! From making sure events run smoothly to helping reinvigorate our Volunteer Department! Here is just a little of what people have to say about her!

Tarja’s work touches every department in the hospital, from promo supplies, to decorating to event planning. She consistently goes above and beyond, donating her time and expertise to make the hospital festive, whether it be hand crafting centerpieces for an event or going to far as to sew an employees dress back together at the holiday party! She would never want this recognition, but without her behind the scenes, nothing would look as effortless as she works to have it appear!

Tarja was surprised in the Volunteer Office by the President’s Advisory Council, Senior Team, Managers, Directors and members of her department on Wednesday, January 23rd.

Her exceptional service was recognized with a variety of Heywood gift items, fruit salad, and even a premium reserved parking spot for the month!

A special thank you to Last Minute Gifts & Flowers for the monthly donation of a beautiful arrangement!

Tarja is now featured on the Service Star Wall near the Dining Room.

Congratulations, Tarja!