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Chuncie Willis - July 2019

Chuncie Willis

Chuncie has been with Heywood for a while and currently works in the ED. Here is just a little of what people have to say about her!

Chuncie was surprised by the Senior Team, Managers, Directors and members of her department on Tuesday, July 23th.

Her exceptional service was recognized with a variety of Heywood gift items, cake, and even a premium reserved parking spot for the

A special thank you to Last Minute Gifts & Flowers for the monthly donation of a beautiful arrangement!

Chuncie works in the ED as a Behavioral Health Navigator. Working with patients in crisis, Chuncie consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to providing the best care to our patients with empathy, compassion, humor and understanding. She is patient and kind, a great and skilled listener, and delivers exceptional service. Chuncie is eager to assist others, both in and out of the emergency room, to deliver the best care for our patients. Chuncie demonstrates a positive attitude, is cheerful and engaging, and rises to the highest degrees of professionalism.  

Chuncie is now featured on the Service Star Wall near the Dining Room.

Congratulations, Chuncie!