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Mai Lor - September 2018

Mai has been a member of the Heywood Family since the summer of 2016 and works as a CNA on Watkins 2. Here is just a little about her colleagues had to say!

Mai is a wonderful CNA. The nurses and patients love her, and she goes above and beyond to help, always with a smile. She never stops all evening; if her patients are all done she doesn’t hesitate to help the other aides. She almost runs to every call light especially when a patient gets up. There aren’t enough words to describe how wonderful she is. She is a pleasure to work with and a big asset to Heywood.

Mai is excellent at training new hires. She takes the time to describe not only what is required of the job, but also why things are important. She takes the time to clarify and give people the opportunity to ask questions. She is patient and thorough, dedicated and hardworking. Mai clearly takes pride in her role and both patients and staff benefit.

Mai was surprised on Watkins 2 by the attendees, Senior Team, Managers, Directors and members of her department on Thursday, November 1st.

Her exceptional service was recognized with a variety of Heywood gift items, cake, and even a premium reserved parking spot for the month!

Mai will now be featured on the Service Star Wall near the Dining Room.

Congratulations, Mai