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Patient and Family Advisory Council

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For more information about the hospital's Patient and Family Advisory Council, please call the Director of Care Transitions at:

Patient and Family Advisory Council Annual Reports

The Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a volunteer group of patients and their family members and members of the healthcare team. The focus of the PFAC is to provide a forum for patients and family members to give feedback and provide input to the Hospital so that the hospital can continually improve its patient safety, quality of care, service and patient satisfaction. It also provides a chance for hospital staff to share ideas with members about upcoming changes or improvements to care. The PFAC is also designed to encourage the participation of patients and families in the development of new hospital programs and services.

The development of the PFAC was spurred by state legislation that requires hospitals to form such groups, but the hospital's interest in forming a team goes beyond meeting regulations. We are working diligently to implement changes and achieve improved outcomes that support our goal of delivering patient and family-centered care at the highest levels.

The PFAC reports annually to Health Care For All on its activities and achievements.