Patient Portal

Athena (PROVIDER OFFICE) Patient Portal

Use the ATHENA Patient Portal if you saw your primary care provider or a specialist IN THEIR OFFICE AFTER 10/29/21 and would like to view your health record or communicate with your provider.

Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions

We have included a few Frequently Asked Questions that we hope will be helpful to you in this process.

Question: Will the data I used to have on my Athena patient portal (prior to February 1, 2021) still be available to me?

Answer: Yes. When the Athena patient portal is “reactivated” on October 29, 2021, all data that resided in your patient portal will still be available.

Question: Will data in my current Heywood Healthcare patient portal be transferred to the Athena patient portal (i.e., the data from 2/1/21 - 10/29/21)?

Answer: Unfortunately, this data will remain on the Heywood Healthcare portal only and will *not* be transferred to the Athena portal.  The Heywood Healthcare portal, however, will remain in place and the data will remain accessible to you.

Question: If I have lab tests and/or radiology tests in the hospital, which portal will my results be sent to? 

Answer: Results for lab and radiology tests will be sent to the hospital portal (Meditech Expanse).  If you are a patient of a Heywood Medical Group practice, your results will also be sent to the Athena (provider practice) portal.  You may receive email notifications from both portals regarding your results.

Question: If I understand correctly, there will be a “break” in the data residing in my Athena patient portal.  Is this correct?

Answer: Yes, this is correct. All data in your Athena patient portal prior to 2/1/2021 will still be accessible. From 2/1/2021 - 10/28/2021, information will be accessible in the Heywood Healthcare portal.  From 10/29/20201 and beyond, data will be transmitted to your Athena patient portal.

Question: Which portal should I use to communicate with my physician?

Answer: To communicate with your primary care or specialist, you should use the Athena patient portal.