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Senior Leadership Team

A strong and dedicated leadership team is at the heart of what makes Heywood Hospital so focused on the health of the communities it serves. Each of our experienced hospital administrators bring unique strengths to our organization, guiding us to quality patient care practices, as well as patient, employee and physician engagement and satisfaction.

Heywood Hospital's Leadership Team

Dawn M. Casavant, BS, MS

Vice President of Strategy and External Affairs, Chief Philanthropy Officer & Executive Director, Heywood Healthcare Charitable Foundation

The Heywood Healthcare Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Robert Chavin, Chairman

Roy Lake, Vice Chairman

Al Rose, 2nd Vice Chairman

JoAnne Parks, Clerk

Cheney Castine, Esq., Treasurer


Cheney Castine
Robert Chauvin
Joyce Fletcher
Francis Garofalo, MD
Glenn Hunt
Thomas Kane
Roy Lake
Nicole Moorshead
Craig Napolitano, MD
Beth Nottleson, MD
Erin O'Hara, MD
JoAnne Parks
Michele Parker, MD
Rozanna Penney
Al Rose
Tina Sbrega
Joel Shaughnessy
John Skrzypczak, MD
David Spackman
Thomas Sullivan
Frank Sweeney, MD
Craig Twohey