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Oncology Department

This guide is for the cancer patient and his or her family. Coping with the illness often requires seeking out appropriate forms of assistance, whether it's financial help, emotional support, home health care, transportation or even just information. This information and resource guide is intended to provide a listing and explanation of various resources available to cancer patients in the Greater Gardner area.

Oncology Services

For many years, local hospitals have provided services in the Oncology/Hematology Departments to meet the ever-growing needs of patients with cancer and associated diseases. This development of services allows patients to receive treatments in their local communities without the burden of having to travel great distances.

Physicians on staff who are Board-Certified in Oncology and Hematology provide care and treatment for patients. These physicians are also affiliated with major teaching hospitals. Personalized care is available five days per week in a collaborative effort with our specially trained registered nursing staff.

Chemotherapy, laboratory procedures, diagnostic x-rays and testing, nutritional assessment and counseling and a variety of other services may be coordinated through your personal physician with the hospital's Oncology Department.

For more information, contact the Oncology Department at Heywood Hospital at (978) 630-6457.

Information & Referral

General information pertaining to services and resources for cancer patients and their families may be provided through the Oncology Department. If an individual has a question regarding available services or is in need of assistance with the referral process, he or she should contact Oncology. This service is available to the hospitalized patient and his/her family, the Oncology Clinic patient and staff, as well any individual living in the Greater Gardner area.

Discharge Planning

A professionally trained and licensed social worker is available to meet with a hospitalized cancer patient and his/her family for the purpose of providing information, support and guidance regarding discharge needs. Intervention includes assessment of needs, planning and coordination of needed services following discharge and follow-up. This planning includes a multi-disciplinary approach with an intent to facilitate a smooth transition from Heywood Hospital to the next appropriate setting.

A social worker may assist in the arrangement of follow-up services including visiting nurses, home health aides, homemakers, respite care, Lifeline, adult day health care, adult family care, rehabilitation services or extended care placements. Assistance with there arrangement of needed services at home may also be provided to patients treated in the hospital outpatient departments.

Supportive Counseling

A social worker is available to counsel the patient and his/her family regarding the issues that may arise following the diagnosis of cancer.

The social worker considers the physical, emotional, social and environmental strengths and needs of the patient and will assist with the development of a service plan to meet identified needs.

Palliative/Supportive Care Clinic

Supportive Care is a healthcare specialty focused on improving the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. Their goal is to alleviate distressing symptoms which can enhance quality of life while receiving treatments. Supportive Care clinicians can help patients manage the side effects of cancer treatment and cancer-related problems such as pain, nausea, fatigue, nutritional problems, and/or emotional suffering. The Supportive Care Team includes your Oncologist, a Nurse Practitioner, nurses, social worker, dietitians, and pharmacists. The Team is available in the outpatient Oncology Department Monday through Friday.

Cancer Support Group

Heywood Hospital offers a cancer support program to anyone who wishes to participate. The group meets every other Wednesday at 7:00 pm for a 1/2 virtual meeting. The Cancer Support Group welcomes all patients and other affected by the disease of cancer.

For more information, contact the Oncology Department at Heywood Hospital at (978) 630-6457.

Meditation Group

Heywood Hospital offers a free complimentary relaxation meditation/reiki in the Oncology Waiting Room. Please join us and learn to quiet your mind and relax. Reservation required. 

For more information, contact the Oncology Department at Heywood Hospital at (978) 630-6457.