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Murdock School-Based Health Center

The School-Based Health Center is operated by Heywood Hospital at Murdock Middle High School in Winchendon, MA.

Murdock Health Center provides onsite health care services to Murdock Middle High School students, and also Memorial Elementary school and Pre-K. Primary health care is offered during the school day, as well as emotional support and mental health services students may need.

Murdock Health Center’s goal is to provide healthcare in school to:

  • Keep students healthy
  • Keep students in school
  • Educate & empower teens to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Support families

The Health Center is located in the School Nurse’s Suite and is operated by Heywood Hospital. The Murdock School Based Health Center works collaboratively with students, parents, doctors and the Winchendon Public Schools. Parental/guardian consent and notice to the student’s doctor occurs before most treatments.(There are some exceptions as allowed by law.)

Services at the Murdock Health Center are made possible by:

  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Health Foundation of Central Mass
  • Winchendon Public Schools
  • Annie Evans White Foundation

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