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An Overview of Services offered at Heywood Hospital

Heywood Hospital is pleased to provide a number of programs and services designed to support the outstanding clinical care provided by our physicians and clinical staff. The support services help patients in ways such as accessing health insurance, providing case management, multi-cultural services and interpreter services, social services, and others.

Featured Services

Heywood Hospital boasts a number of healthcare services provided by highly skilled healthcare professionals. These areas include the LaChance Maternity Center, the Heywood Cardiovascular Center, Watkins Center for Emergency and Acute Care, Center for Digestive & Urologic Health and The Imaging Center. Additionally, Heywood Healthcare prides itself on the delivery of oncology, surgery, rehab, and mental health care, realizing a number of healthcare quality distinctions.

The Hospital has focused particular time, attention and resources on these centers in recent years in order to better meet community needs.