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Diabetes Self Management Education and Training

Heywood Healthbeat Nov 2019

Diabetes Self Management Education

Heywood Hospital's Diabetes Education Program is taught by Jeanine Lore, BSN, RN, CDE, Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. The Program is certified by the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES), and offers the most qualified educational services to patients in the surrounding area with its dual certification. 

Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide

Click here to view the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Guide, an online resource. It is accredited by the American Diabetes Association and the Joint Commission of Accredited Hospitals Organization's standards for practice and care.

Program Overview

Self-management education is an essential component of diabetes treatment. Participants in a ADCES program will be taught self-care skills that will promote better management of his or her diabetes. Through the support of the diabetes health care team and increased knowledge and awareness of diabetes, patients can assume a major part of the responsibility for their diabetes management with a goal of preventing or prolonging the complications of diabetes.

Heywood's DSME Program will teach you the essential skills which will help you optimize your diabetic care and promote lifestyle changes.

Topics covered include:Diabetes Food Prep

  • The Basics of Eating
  • Meal Planning
  • Shopping and Label Reading
  • Physical Activity/Exercise
  • Medication Management
  • Blood Sugar Testing/Monitoring
  • High and Low Blood Sugars
  • Stress and Coping
  • Personal Health Habits
  • Long-term Complications
  • Changing Behavior
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring Education
  • Insulin Pump Management Education

DSME includes an initial evaluation and four 2-hour sessions, either individual consultations or in a class setting, with additional follow-up classes.

How do I get started?

  • Ask your Doctor for a referral to the Diabetes Education Department at Heywood Hospital
  • Submit an authorization form from your insurance carrier, if needed
  • The patient will be contacted and an appointment scheduled. Appointments are available early morning, during the day and early evening hours.
  • Your Doctor will receive documentation of all visits

For more information, please call (978) 630-6474.


Contact Nutrition Services & Diabetes at (978) 630-6474.

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