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Community Benefit

Commitment to benefiting the health of our community

For More Information About Our Community Benefit Program

For more information about our Community Benefit Program, please contact Mary Giannetti, Resource Development Director.

Community Benefit Mission Statement

Heywood Hospital is committed to advancing our community's well-being by  intentionally addressing race, sexual orientation, and gender identity inequities and working collaboratively with community partners to increase prevention efforts, address social determinants of health, and improve access to care.

The Community Health Needs Assessment

The 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) of Heywood Healthcare's Athol and Heywood Hospitals presents issues related to the health, wellbeing and related factors that impact the health of those living in Heywood Healthcare’s service area. This study was a collaborative effort conducted by Heywood Healthcare’s Heywood Hospital and Athol Hospital; the Montachusett Regional Planning Commission; The CHNA 9 Group; and The North Quabbin Community Coalition. Various other organizations and individuals also contributed to this through participating in surveys, focus groups and stakeholder interviews, including community-based organizations and coalitions, health service partners such as hospitals, health centers, rehabilitation centers, primary care physician and specialty networks, public health networks, first responders, and local schools. From the most recent CHNA the following priority health areas were identified: Mental Health and Substance Use; Wellness and Chronic Disease; Interpersonal Violence and Injuries; and Social Determinants. Community benefit efforts will focus on disadvantaged community members including racial and ethnic minorities, older adults, veterans, individuals with low socio-economics and social determinants, and youth and adolescents.

Community Health Improvement Plan

The Community Health Needs Assessment findings help to prioritize Heywood Hospital’s strategic investments and the Community Benefits Program. The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is the blueprint for how we are going to accomplish our community benefits mission. The CHIP is aligned with the hospital’s strategic directions and supported by the board and senior leadership.

Community Benefit’s Advisory Committee

Heywood’s Community Benefit program is undertaken with partners and collaborators. The Community Benefit Advisory Committee (CBAC) provides input to hospital leadership when undertaking the Community Health Needs Assessment, designing the Community Benefits Mission Statement, developing and evaluating the Implementation Strategy, and regarding allocation of resources. The CBAC consists of patients, community members, and individuals from organizations that provide services to the CHIP’s target population and focus health areas.

Community Benefit Reports