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HEAL Winchendon

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HEAL Winchendon  

More than a project!

HEAL Winchendon is a community movement for long lasting, “up-stream” change to improve the health and quality of life of Winchendon’s residents through a series of programs that build social, financial, and community assets. We work hand in hand, building on our shared strengths and knowledge to address the daily struggles and needs of Community residents.

Winchendon is working towards creating a healthier community. We have momentum and collaboration on many complementary projects that are running parallel. Building upon those current activities, HEAL Winchendon works in three interdependent areas…

  • Healthy Food Access: community members working together to bring healthy food to Winchendon residents.
  • Economic Empowerment: More than charity or band-aid fixes to financial instability, HEAL Winchendon challenges existing inequalities of wealth and power to reduce poverty for families and Winchendon as a whole.
  • Social Inclusion: Through HEAL Winchendon all voices will be included in shaping our community and we embrace our unique differences, and life experiences.

Partnership activities include resident leadership and civic engagement programming; updating Winchendon’s Master Plan to promote economic mobility; providing personal finance education opportunities; assisting residents in building credit; and updating local policy to allow for mixed use developments.

  • This initiative will build human, social, financial and community assets,
    addressing factors of economic disinvestment, racial wealth and income inequities.

HEAL Winchendon is a collaboration of Winchendon residents, youth, and institutions including the Town of Winchendon, Winchendon Community Action Committee, Winchendon Public Schools, The Winchendon School, Growing Places, Heywood Hospital, Community Health Network for North Central Mass, and Three Pyramids INC.

Activities are funded by a 3 year award from the Health Policy Commission’s Moving Massachusetts Upstream (MassUP) Investment Program, addressing Social Determinants Of Health that lead to poor health and health inequities.

For additional information or to get involved, please visit:

Program Manager Email: Miranda Jennings: [email protected]