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It is our mission to partner with our patients to diagnose, and treat any rheumatic conditions. These conditions can have a serious impact on your quality of life and the activities you may be accustomed to. Let our amazing specialist work with you to develop a treatment plan that improves your condition while having as little impact as possible to your lifestyle. At Heywood Rheumatology we provide exceptional, comprehensive rheumatology care, treating conditions that affect the joints, soft tissues, connective tissue, nerves and the immune system, we use the latest technology to deliver the highest quality care to our patients.

Heywood understands how rheumatic conditions can clash with the mobility needed for everyday activities. Whether you are 10 to 100 years old we are here to help with all of your rheumatology needs. Our services offer a spectrum of in house diagnostic services to assist in all your road to recovery including; CLIA certified hematology, and chemistry, and full service x-ray department.