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Sponsorship Guidelines, Policy and Approval Process

Heywood Hospital is not taking sponsorship request at this time. 

Heywood Healthcare is committed to supporting the health of the communities we serve. Sponsorships must align with Heywood Healthcare's strategic priorities, shown below.

Community organizations seeking support should submit a requests a minimum of two-months in advance by completing the sponsorship request form below.

Because we receive a large volume of sponsorship requests, please allow us 14 business days to contact you regarding your request. Also, please be advised that we may not be able to fulfill every sponsorship request we receive, even if the request meets our criteria.

Questions about our sponsorship process and criteria may be directed to the Vice President of External Affairs, Dawn Casavant at [email protected] or 978-630-6431.


Consideration for sponsorships is dependent on the availability of funds and the alignment of the request with Heywood Healthcare's strategic priorities and/or extent of community partnership.

All requests must benefit individuals within the Heywood Healthcare service area, and...

Address or support a strategic priority area listed below through intervention, education, access, or resource development.

Priority Areas:

Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, and related Social Determinants of Health to include: Prevention, Intervention, Education, Access, and Resource Development, and Chronic Disease.

Support an event or activity of a strategic community partner.

All requests must represent a 501(c) non-profit organization in good standing.

Sponsorship Approval Form

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