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Jesus Cortez - February 2019

Jesus Cortez

Jesus joined the Heywood team just over two years ago, and in his time here has worked both as a patient registrar and in the Switchboard. Here is just a little of what people have to say about him!

Jesus was surprised in the ED Patient Registration are by the President’s Advisory Council, Senior Team, Managers, Directors and members of his department on Wednesday, March 27th.

His exceptional service was recognized with a variety of Heywood gift items, cake, and even a premium reserved parking spot for the

A special thank you to Last Minute Gifts & Flowers for the monthly donation of a beautiful arrangement!

Jesus is well respected among his co-workers, always on the job showing his dedication to his work and peers. He lends a helping hand where ever needed and his attitude when greeting patients with respect and dignity is commendable. And let’s not forget his huge smile which makes people feel welcomed!

Jesus is constantly working with a smile! You will never see him without one! He tries his best to make sure that everything is running smoothly. He is always helping out either a patient or a staff member! Although he normal works the night shift, he always makes sure that everything is in order for the time day shift comes in! He is always willing to help a coworker out when they need a last minute shift change. When on break, he is making sure that his coworkers are doing well and doesn’t mind coming back for a helping hand. He is always going above and beyond for a patient making sure that they leave smiling as big as he is.

Jesus is now featured on the Service Star Wall near the Dining Room.

Congratulations, Jesus!