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Lisa Richard - October 2018

Lisa Richard joined the Heywood Family in the spring of 2007, currently serving as Executive Assistant to Bob Crosby, SVP, Finance & CFO, and Carol Roosa, VP of Ancillary Services & CIO!

Lisa worked for almost two years supporting our CEO & CFO at the same time, and has continued to work above and beyond to support Administration and the entire hospital at all times. Other departments often reach out to Lisa for help because they know she will get the job done quickly and efficiently, and everyone knows they can trust her confidentiality in sensitive situations. This hospital truly couldn’t operate efficiently without her, and we are so lucky to have her.

Lisa is always so helpful. She goes above and beyond when assistance is needed, sometimes last minute. She is a pleasure to communicate with because of her pleasant and positive attitude. She has a positive energy.

Lisa was surprised in the Administration Hallway by the attendees, Senior Team, Managers, Directors and members of her department on Tuesday, November 27th.

Her exceptional service was recognized with a variety of Heywood gift items, cake, and even a premium reserved parking spot for the month!

Lisa will now be featured on the Service Star Wall near the Dining Room.

Congratulations, Lisa!