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Fracture & Trauma Care

Fracture & Trauma

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time. No one plans ahead for a broken bone.

Heywood Orthopedics has five providers skilled in the management of fracture care. We help you understand your unique injury, review options, and provide the best and safest solutions to stabilize and heal the injury.

Not every broken bone needs surgery or even a cast for that matter. But if you break a bone (which the same thing as a fracture), we stand ready to help find the best treatment for you.

We provide follow-up care to patients who begin care at an urgent care cancer or are seen in an emergency department. You may be referred to us for care such as:

  • Casting or splinting to allow bones to heal properly
  • Imaging of potential damage to ligaments and bones
  • Diagnosis of complex injury
  • Surgical repair of bones
  • Ligament repair
  • Tendon reattachment


If you think you have a broken bone or are unsure if you need to see a doctor for an injury, call your primary care physician first or visit a Heywood Healthcare urgent care center for treatment.

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