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Our Team

Heywood Orthopedics includes board certified physicians and physician assistants who specialize in helping patients of all ages return to the freedom of physical mobility.

We ourselves are active adults, athletes and parents who live in the community we care for. We've been in your shoes and look forward to getting you back doing to the things you enjoy.


Physician Assistants

Our Physician Assistants offer additional assessment, care and treatment between visits with your Heywood Orthopedic physician. They are certified and closely consult with the physicians.

Rehabilitation Services

Before and after surgery, or as a non-surgical treatment option, physical therapy and rehabilitation services goes hand-in-hand with Heywood Orthopedics. Find out more

Occupational Health

We work with employers to support a healthy and strong workforce. Our occupational health team can work on ergonomics, environmental assessments, and other approaches to improve the health and productivity of your employees. Put Occupational Health to work for you