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For More Information About Ultrasounds

For further information regarding Ultrasound Procedures at Heywood Hospital, please call us or email Andrea Welch.

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Ultrasound is a type of imaging study based on the energy of sound waves. High-frequency sound waves - far above the audible range - are directed toward the area of interest. Different tissues reflect, absorb, and refract the waves differently, and the echoes are transformed into a real-time image.

Preparations for an ultrasound examination depend on the type of exam scheduled. Your doctor should discuss the preparations with you. You may or may not be asked to change into a hospital gown, depending on the type of exam.

For most studies, the technologist will apply a gel to the skin over the area of interest. He or she will then press the transducer - the handheld piece of equipment that produces and receives high frequency sound waves - firmly against the skin (this may cause slight discomfort) and an image will appear on the monitor. A series of still images will be captured on film. In some cases, a much smaller transducer - called a probe - will be inserted into a body cavity in order to obtain the required images. The use of sound waves for imaging is completely painless and without side effects.

Patient Instructions for Procedures

Ultrasound Services Provided at Heywood Hospital include: