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Requests for invasive studies under CT guidance (i.e.: biopsies, aspirations) require radiologist approval.

Unlike a conventional x-ray, computed tomography, commonly called CT scanning, captures a series of images called slices that show a slim cross-section of the area of interest. A study is made up of many slices of a body area, such as the head or abdomen. Since the images produced are cross-sections, they reveal information about the insides of organs and tissues, something a conventional x-ray cannot do.

Heywood Hospital has two CT Scan systems from Toshiba Medical Systems.

We offer 32 Slice Helical CT scanner and a 64 Slice CT Scanner.

Our CT services are accredited by the American College of Radiology. Heywood Hospital participates in the Image Gently program in order to keep any radiation exposure to the absolute minimum while ensuring optimum image quality.

CT Scan Services Offered

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