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Lifeline Medical Alert Service

Nurse with Elderly PatientHeywood Hospital partners with Philips Lifeline of Framingham, MA to offer the Lifeline Medical Alert Service. Lifeline provides quick access to help, 24 hours a day. It is an easy-to-use medical alert service designed to reduce the risk of living alone. In the event of a fall or emergency, help is available at the push of a button. The Lifeline Personal Help Button connects you to a trained Personal Response Associate who can send help quickly, at any time of the day or night, any day of the week.

When you press your personal help button, you are connected directly to a highly trained Personal Response Associate who can assess your situation to determine whether you require a visit from a neighbor or family member, or if you need emergency services. In an emergency situation, they can dispatch assistance, retrieve relevant medical information from your profile and even alert emergency personnel as to whether you have a pet, all while you are on the line.

Getting the Lifeline service is quick and simple. There is no equipment to buy and no long term contract to sign. Once you indicate you wish to enroll, you pick a personal help button which can be one worn around your wrist or one worn around the neck.

Lifeline costs include a $55 installation fee and a monthly leasing fee of $38 per month.

Heywood Hospital volunteers install Lifeline systems in the Greater Gardner area. To get started, or for more information, contact the Heywood Hospital Lifeline Department at (978) 630-6572.