New Safety Protocol

  • All bags/belongings entering the Emergency Department will be searched.  It is suggested that patients only bring necessary items (e.g. Keys, ID, Phones)
  • All Patients entering the Emergency Departments will be Screened via a security wand
  • Patients entering the ED Treatment area will be provided a gown
  • Visitation Update - One visitor per patient (children may have both parents).  Visitors will be subject to wanding and are asked not to bring any belongings into the ED with them.  If they choose to bring in bags they will be subject to a search.
  • At this time, all protocols are not currently in effect at Athol Hospital. Full implementation is planned to begin in the coming days.

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Parking Guidance

Heywood Hospital follows a Patient First Parking Policy

Heywood Hospital Employee Parking Guidance

Main Lot Parking: Parking in the Main Lot is provided to accommodate 2nd and 3rd Shift Employees. 

Non-designated On or Near CampusParking (Street Parking, Damon Lot, Annex Lot): All available on or near campus parking is General Parking for *ALL* staff. Other than designated use of the Main Lot for 2nd and 3rd Shifts, there is no "designated" parking.

Ticketing/Towing: Emplyees parking in non-designated areas will be ticketed. By parking illegally, you are risking damage to your own vehicle and potentially creating a hazardous situation for emergency vehicles. Please keep in mind that you will be ticketed a maximum of two times. Non-compliant vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Favor Building, Atrium Entrance: The Atrium Entrance will be unlocked from 6:30 am - 5:00 pm to provide convenient building access for employees.

Parking for Personal Medical Use: Employees on campus for personal medical visits may be proactive and notify security that their vehicle is on campus for a medical visit, OR if ticketed, can send a note along with parking justification. Please do not contact Employee Health.

License Plate Reminder: Please provide your current License Plate information to your manager or supervisor to assist with the tagging system. 

Photos of maps include important parking guidance:
Heywood Hospital Parking Map, South Parking Lot Map and Green Street Parking Map 

Heywood Map
Green Street Parking