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Parking Guidance

Heywood Hospital follows a Patient First Parking Policy

Heywood Hospital Employee Parking Guidance

Main Lot Parking: Parking in the Main Lot is provided to accommodate 2nd and 3rd Shift Employees. 

Non-designated On or Near CampusParking (Street Parking, Damon Lot, Annex Lot): All available on or near campus parking is General Parking for *ALL* staff. Other than designated use of the Main Lot for 2nd and 3rd Shifts, there is no "designated" parking.

Ticketing/Towing: Emplyees parking in non-designated areas will be ticketed. By parking illegally, you are risking damage to your own vehicle and potentially creating a hazardous situation for emergency vehicles. Please keep in mind that you will be ticketed a maximum of two times. Non-compliant vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Favor Building, Atrium Entrance: The Atrium Entrance will be unlocked from 6:30 am - 5:00 pm to provide convenient building access for employees.

Parking for Personal Medical Use: Employees on campus for personal medical visits may be proactive and notify security that their vehicle is on campus for a medical visit, OR if ticketed, can send a note along with parking justification. Please do not contact Employee Health.

License Plate Reminder: Please provide your current License Plate information to your manager or supervisor to assist with the tagging system. 

Photos of maps include important parking guidance:
Heywood Hospital Parking Map, South Parking Lot Map and Green Street Parking Map 

Heywood Map
Green Street Parking