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Protective Hoods

Protective Hood


Tyvek olefin fabric. Recommend using a roll of Tyvek 30” wide or larger, but can be obtained from cutting down DuPont Tybek lab coats, suits and other supplies. Available online.

Clean Vinyl. Recommend 16 gauge. Available at fabric stores or online

Thread. Recommend standard white heavy duty thread

Each hood requires approximately 1 yard of tyvek in total. The vinyl piece measures approximately 12” x 18”. The large vinyl size is to prevent seams in the face/neck area. All seams should be done with as small a needle size as possible to minimize exposure via the needle holes.

  • Cut fabric
      1. Cut 1 piece of Face pattern in 16 gauge vinyl
      2. Cut 1 front flap in tyvek
      3. Double the tyvek fabric to cut 2 of the hood
      4. If you are using a premade outfit cut up, you will need to cut over the elastic waist
      5. Place the patterns so the WIDE side is along the elastic (this will go on the back of the hood)
      6. As you cut, spread the elastic part of the fabric a bit to cut along the pattern. This elastic will be helpful in the end product
  • Sewing
      1. Sew the vinyl to the front flap. Place the vinyl on top of the right side of the tyvek and sew a tight stitch
      2. Put the right sides of the two hood pieces together and sew. If you have elastic on one piece, you will need to pull the fabric tight and sew along the edge.
      3. Take the vinyl and fold in half--top to bottom. Mark the middle of the vinyl with a pen.
      4. Next, take the right side of the hood you sewed in step b, and line up the top middle of the vinyl with the seam of the hood. You will sew from the middle outwards down to each side. Sew down to the beginning of the front flap. Repeat on the other side from the middle outward
  • Finishing the hood
    1. Check all the seams to ensure you do not have holes. Cut threads and flip inside out. It is recommended that you practice on regular cotton before using the tyvek