New Safety Protocol

  • All bags/belongings entering the Emergency Department will be searched.  It is suggested that patients only bring necessary items (e.g. Keys, ID, Phones)
  • All Patients entering the Emergency Departments will be Screened via a security wand
  • Patients entering the ED Treatment area will be provided a gown
  • Visitation Update - One visitor per patient (children may have both parents).  Visitors will be subject to wanding and are asked not to bring any belongings into the ED with them.  If they choose to bring in bags they will be subject to a search.
  • At this time, all protocols are not currently in effect at Athol Hospital. Full implementation is planned to begin in the coming days.

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Barrier Gowns

Barrier gowns may be made from waterproof materials and are a basic barrier against droplet particles. They also protect clothing from being soiled.

  1. Roll out 70” of the material
    Barrier gown
    • Divide into 36” widths
    • Cut on dotted line and save 70” x 36”
    • Fold on solid line to make 70” x 36” (2)
  2. Fold fabric with print inside
    Barrier gown
  3. Cut on dark lines
    • Cut the 10” fold at end of BACK SLEEVE
  4. Place front piece open with print side up
    • Place back pieces onto front piece
    • Match at “armpits”
    • Stitch front to back around the arms and down the sides
  5. Cut ½” strips from the bottom of gown, 2 (18”) 2 (36”) stitch at the X
  6. Place 2 saved pieces print side in, and follow steps 2-5 (you will need to sew front seam)