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Barrier Gowns

Barrier gowns may be made from waterproof materials and are a basic barrier against droplet particles. They also protect clothing from being soiled.

  1. Roll out 70” of the material
    Barrier gown
    • Divide into 36” widths
    • Cut on dotted line and save 70” x 36”
    • Fold on solid line to make 70” x 36” (2)
  2. Fold fabric with print inside
    Barrier gown
  3. Cut on dark lines
    • Cut the 10” fold at end of BACK SLEEVE
  4. Place front piece open with print side up
    • Place back pieces onto front piece
    • Match at “armpits”
    • Stitch front to back around the arms and down the sides
  5. Cut ½” strips from the bottom of gown, 2 (18”) 2 (36”) stitch at the X
  6. Place 2 saved pieces print side in, and follow steps 2-5 (you will need to sew front seam)