School Based Services

Youth Mentors

Heywood's Project Amp Mentors provide brief youth mentorship addressing common issues.  Services are provided free of charge at partnering school locations and address issues such as negative peer influences, stress, alcohol, and drug use which can impact health, relationships, and academic success. 

Project Amp Youth Mentors

Project Amp is a short-term mentorship program that helps students reach their goals in health and wellness, family and friend relationships, and academics. Mentors meet with youth over 4-6 sessions. They work toward exploring youth participants’ strengths and interests, navigating pressures and well-being, understanding alcohol and drug risks, developing self-efficacy, clarifying values, achieving goals, and finding positive social connections in the school and community.

  • Goals, interests, and personal strengths
  • Wellness, stress, and coping strategies
  • Risks with use of alcohol and other substances
  • Relationships and supports

Project Amp Flyer

Education-based intervention for students caught violating school substance use policy.
Science-based alternative to suspension and other exclusionary disciplinary responses to
student substance use.

Students participating in iDECIDE will gain:

  • A scientific understanding of the impact of substance use and addiction on the adolescent brain and body
  • An understanding of the common tactics used by industry to target youth
  • An ability to identify and respond to personal impulses to use alcohol and other drugs
  • A sense of empowerment and a plan to make healthier, positive choices in line with long term goals for the future

Referrals are made directly by school administration.