Pulmonary Medicine

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Heywood Pulmonology is committed to providing quality and compassionate care and treatment specializing in Pulmonary Medicine.  Heywood Pulmonology diagnoses and treats lung diseases as well as sleep medicine.

Pulmonary diagnostics offers a wide variety of services to evaluate lung function and help determine and understand a patient's symptoms to help develop a treatment plan to improve health condition and improve overall breathing. The various types of testing include the measurement of air flow velocities, total lung capacity and how well your lungs transport oxygen into your blood stream.

Pulmonary Lung Function Testing (PFT)

A complete pulmonary lung function test takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete. You will be asked to breathe into a tube called a spirometer that records the amount of air and the rate of air breathed over a specific period of time. The test may include before and after taking certain medications.

For more information on Pulmonary Function Testing, please call 978-630-6548.

Patient Instructions for Procedures