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HHCW Statement on Dobbs

The physicians at the Heywood Health Center for Women (HHCW) wish to react to the recent Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. Below is an edited version of the statement by the Massachusetts Medical Society, which we endorse:

Health care is a basic human right.

Abortion is an essential medical component in the continuum of reproductive health care and should be safely accessible to all, regardless of where you live. Protecting equitable access to reproductive health care, including abortion, and the right to seek the trusted guidance of a physician are critical to the health and well-being of all who may become pregnant. The ruling violates the primacy of the physician-patient relationship. It undermines the ability of a patient to freely consult with their physician and determine the best course of care.

There will be negative health consequences for the millions of women and people of reproductive age who no longer have access to essential reproductive health care, as this decision will force many to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, which carries medical risk, and for others lead to less safe terminations of pregnancy. These harms will disproportionately impact those with the least means who already face the most significant barriers. 

Abortion is health care and must remain legal, affordable, and accessible.

HHCW has always strived to provide compassionate care to our patients with the primary respect to their autonomy. We will continue to welcome patients seeking care for all issues related to reproductive health, including those who cannot obtain such care in their home states.

Below are a few websites, (all are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) dedicated to increasing access to such care.