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Scope & Scalpel - Summer 2018

What we can learn from Millennials!
What is it about generational differences and conflict? I’m a Baby Boomer, and my parents, as Tom Brokaw called them, were members of the Greatest Generation. We had our differences, but I developed my beliefs, ethics and personality with or in spite of their guidance. One of my core principles they instilled i me was a strong work ethic. I saw, by their example, that if you worked hard you would or should be rewarded but not entitled.
So, enter the Millennials. Generally, these are people born in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Some refer to them as Generation Y or Echo Boomers. Yes, my two sons are Millennials. They tend to be technologically comfortable, open-minded, have a liberal approach to politics and a preference for a flat corporate structure with an emphasis on work-life balance. Our young providers are part of this cohort. How does this change their approach to working in Medicine?
The Millennial Effect is real!
New residency graduates accustomed to work hour restrictions are causing wholesale change in the definition of what is contained in the 1.0 FTE Job Description in many healthcare organizations. The results are that doctors are rapidly moving away from the workloads of the past and the doctor shortage is worsening. However, this approach may be much more feasible to be able to bring satisfaction back into medicine. Reasonable work days, assistance with administrative burden, little pajama time, reduced weekend coverage and time off which is actual and unplugged. Other alterations that may require adjustments include attaining reasonable base performance with incentives for increases related to panel size, quality and the number of patient encounters.  Furthermore, these morph into lifestyle choices. Where mental energy is spent distributes outside of work environment into dedication to home and family, non-medical intellectual pursuits and professional organizational engagement, all non-clinical.
All of us can learn from these examples. Each individual has to have an internal process to know when stress and workload have reached a critical value. How does one release and massage away the brain cramps that we get from our imposed or more properly allowed agendas? Questions can be raised. Can this be done alone or do I need help to preserve myself? How do I learn to say uncle? If so, where to start?
Remember that my door is open - please come in.

Bruce K. Bertrand
Chief Medical Officer & VP, Medical Affairs

YOUTUBE VIDEO: You've Gotta Love Millennials

  1. Physician Burnout: The Hidden Healthcare Crisis
    Physician burnout is an under-recognized and under-reported problem.
    Characterized by a state of mental exhaustion, depersonalization, and a decreased sense of personal accomplishment, burnout may affect more than 60% of family practice providers and at least one third of gastroenterologists.
    Some studies have shown that younger physicians, physicians performing high-risk procedures, and physicians experiencing work-life conflicts are at greatest risk.
  2. Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis: An Increasing Public Health Concern
    Driving is a complex task that requires integrity of sensory, motor, and cognitive function. The driving task may be compromised by factors related to the vehicle, the driving environment, and the driver. Driver impairment is a major cause of motor vehicle crashes and commonly results from alcohol intoxication. Read more...
  3. Clarification/Errata:
    Note the schedule in the previous S&S stated that Heywood Med Staff and PHO will both occur on Monday September 10. This is true - the meetings will be held together.
    The PHO portion will be the annual members meeting. Heywood MEC is scheduled for Tuesday August 7, not Wednesday August 1.
    We apologize for the error.

  4. Medical Staff Bylaws Task Force: 
    First, I would like to thank those of you agreeing to participate in this redesign project. I am excited to be participating in a process that will shape and prepare our medical staffs for now and probably for a decade or more to come. Feel free to communicate with the members of the Task Force. The more involved we and our peers are the greater the result.
    Read more here: Bylaws Task Force Memo
  5. MedStatix: 2017 Top Performers 
    We are pleased to announce our annual list of Top Providers among the 37,000 providers using the MedStatix Platform. We gathered feedback from over almost 2 Million patients in 2017 and only the best were recognized.
    Only those providers who have received scores above 96% in Overall Patient Satisfaction and 60 reviews, qualified for the award. Only 12% of the providers we surveyed made the list.
    Look at who made the list!
    Craig Napolitano, MD; Benjamin Prentiss, MD; Katy Ann Hannigan, DO; Erin O’Hara, MD; Michael Stauder, MD; John Poremba, MD; T. Bryan Miller, MD; Emily Diconza, PA; Joseph Walek, MD; Andrea Damour, MD; Katherine Fitzgerald, DO; Helen Heneghan, MD; and Lauren Giangrande, NP.

  6. 24th Annual Athol Hospital Golf Classic 

    Wednesday, August 8th at Ellinwood Country Club, Athol
    Sponsorship opportunities & golfer slots still available! Sign up today at

Upcoming Meetings & Events

Heywood Medical Staff Meeting
September 10 - 5:30 pm
Pierce Board Room, Heywood Hospital
Heywood Med Executive Meeting
August 1 - 11:45 am
OBS Conference Room 
Athol Med Executive Meeting
August 1 - 8 am
Hillis Board Room 
2018 Medical Staff Meeting Schedule

Welcoming New Providers

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