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Scope & Scalpel - Fall 2018

  1. Heywood Healthcare Opposes Ballot Question #1

    We believe that Ballot Question 1 is a dangerous and ill-conceived idea put forth by a nursing union representing less than 25% of the RNs in the state that is simply seeking to build its membership rolls. The ballot question, which is based on a much less stringent law in California, and has proven to have no demonstrable effect on patient care in that state. In fact, Massachusetts is ranked 4th in the country for quality while California languishes at 25th based on the leading national hospital safety grade rating. Heywood Hospital consistently receives an ‘A’ safety rating from The Leapfrog Group, the leading nonprofit rating organization that assess quality and safety.

    Learn more at

    JUST RELEASED! The Health Policy Commission, the state's top health policy watchdog, just released the findings of its analysis of Question 1 and the concluded the proposal would cost up to $949 million per year. The report even states that their estimates are "likely to be conservative due to data limitations for additional units and other anticipated costs." READ THE FULL REPORT
  2. Evening CME Program - October 10th: Please join us for an evening CME program with Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh

    Wednesday, October 10th
    6 - 9 pm
    Colonial Hotel, 625 Betty Spring Road, Gardner
    Dinner provided

    RSVP to or

    This event promises to be enlightening and inspiring.

    Dr. Alizadeh is a renowned physician and Chief of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Westchester Medical Center, New York Medical College. He has participated in extensive mission work as well as innovative surgery for migraine headaches.

    He will be sharing with our medical staff the benefits, methodology and creative techniques of a communication forum designed to build supportive relationships within Heywood Healthcare.

    As part of our ongoing conversation to address issues of stress and rising burnout among healthcare providers both nationally and locally, we have the opportunity here at Heywood to create and maintain an atmosphere of collegiality, respect and communication during these challenging times.

    We will explore ways for frontline physician voices to be heard and physician concerns to be addressed.

    Please join us for an evening of great food, wonderful company and innovative thinking.

    Watch more about Dr. Alizedah's work here:

  3. Cornerstone Family Medicine Moving to Direct Primary Care Plan

    Cornerstone Family Medicine will be transitioning to Direct Primary Care effective 1/1/19.

    This practice will no longer be a part of the Heywood PHO or be billing any insurance after that date. Letters were sent in June 2018 by the practice to patients notifying them of the change in model and intent to terminate insurance contracts.

    Final details for this transition will be relayed closer to implementation.
  4. Sleep Studies: An Update from Joseph Walek, MD

    As a follow up to the recent changes to sleep study services at Heywood Hospital, I want to assure you that I will continue to provide pulmonary and sleep medicine consultative services at Heywood Pulmonology.

    I am partnered and credentialed with Mass Lung and Allergy Sleep Center to provide Home Sleep Studies and Lab-Based Sleep Studies for my patients... Memo from Dr. Walek on Changes to Sleep Studies (PDF) & Mass Lung & Allergy Referral form
  5. Hospitalist Service Update:

    Effective October 1st, Heywood Healthcare transitioned to Pinnacle Medical Group from NEIS as our provider of inpatient hospitalist services. Many of our current hospitalist providers have transitioned to become members of Pinnacle Medical Group, which will help ensure the continuity and quality of our inpatient care. I ask for your full support as we welcome Pinnacle Medical Group.

    Please be aware, that some of our new providers will be getting one-on-one training to become proficient with our Meditech electronic medical record. They will need time and training to become fully familiar with services available in our hospitals. All of our faces will be new for them. Please reach out and offer your help whenever possible. This will make for a much smoother transition and better patient care.

    Lastly, remember the values we wish to promote at Heywood, which include Compassion, Attitude, Respect and Empathy as we welcome the Pinnacle Group and their leadership.

    Great patient care requires great teamwork.

    Thanks in advance for your support.


    Helen Heneghan, MD
    Chief Medical Officer
  6. SAVE THE DATE: 2018 Medical Staff Recognition Event

    Tuesday, November 6
    6-8 pm
    Oak Hill Country Club, Fitchburg

    Welcoming new physicians and advanced practice providers
    Recognizing years of service to patients and the community
    The James A. Faust Pillar Award

    Formal invite to follow

  7. Telestroke/Teleneuro Reports

    As a follow up to a question that arose at Med Exec this week, please note that effective this past March, all reports from Specialists On Call (who provides our telestroke and teleneuro consults) are immediately being scanned into Meditech once they are received from SOC, making them readily available to nurses and providers.
    SOC consult reports can be found in PCI, under Medical Record Forms, under Consults.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at x6211.

  8. Changes to Heywood's Patient Care Assessment Program

    After a long and dedicated career as the Patient Care Assessment Coordinator for Heywood Hospital, Anne Hamm, Director of Patient Care Assessment retired on September 28th. Among many other accomplishments, Anne was instrumental in creating Heywood’s first Patient Care Assessment program approved by the Board of Registration in Medicine (BORM).

    Anne leaves a legacy of a Risk Management professional devoted to improving patient safety and quality and was recently honored for all her contributions. With Anne’s departure, Rose Kavalchuck has been designated as the Patient Care Assessment Coordinator for Heywood Healthcare and the liaison to BORM’s Patient Care Assessment Program. BORM requires that hospitals maintain a qualified Patient Care Assessment program to allow Massachusetts licensed providers to practice within the hospitals. As you already know, Rose has worked closely with Anne over the years and will continue to provide direction and support for our organization’s Risk Management program. In addition to several certifications in quality and safety, Rose is also certified by the American Hospital Association as a Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM). Rose looks forward to working with hospital management and medical staff to assure Heywood maintains its approval for a qualified Patient Care Assessment Program.

    Please feel free to contact Rose if you have any questions. Rose may be reached at 978-630-6538 or via email at

  9. Reminder About BLS/ACLS Recertification

    Our Medical Staff BLS/ACLS course will be held Wednesday November 14th, at the Quabbin Retreat, 8AM-4:30PM. This is a one-day RE-certification course. All current previous attendees have been contacted with this announcement.

    If you are current in ACLS, and would like to join this q 2 year cycle, please see the announcement and registration forms below.


    Although I will no longer continue to manage this course, my former head instructor, Mark Vitale, plans to take over moving forward.

    Thanks very much,

    John Skrzypczak, MD

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September 10 - 5:30 pm
Pierce Board Room, Heywood Hospital
Heywood Med Executive Meeting
August 1 - 11:45 am
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Athol Med Executive Meeting
August 1 - 8 am
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