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2019 Heywood Hospital Costs for Procedures & Testing

Reimbursement to the hospital (and the patient’s financial responsibility) will vary based on the term of any insurance coverage and contractual reimbursement rates, deductible, co-pay and coinsurance.

2019 Heywood Hospital Charges for Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)

2019 Heywood Hospital Chargemaster
A hospital chargemaster is a list of all the billable services and items to a patient or a patient's health insurance provider

The above 2019 charge estimates are based on rates as of 01/01/2019. Charges for specific patients will depend on many factors including the physician, the condition of the patient, unexpected complications, or additional procedures required. These charges are to be considered estimates only and are not a guarantee of final costs. These are hospital charges only (except where indicated). Other fees and charges are not included such as surgeon or other physician fees, radiologist and other non-facility fees.