Addiction Medicine

at The Quabbin Retreat

Addressing Our Area's Most Urgent Behavioral Health/Substance Use Treatment Needs

Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment in MA

The Dana Day Treatment Center at The Quabbin Retreat in Petersham is part of the Heywood Healthcare family and is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that works with patients struggling with various types of addictions including alcohol, heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, nicotine, gambling and video gaming. At the Dana Day Treatment Center, we provide the resources, tools, and staff to support our patients in their recovery journey and also provide support to our patients’ families because we know that families are impacted by addiction as well.

In-Network, So Care is Affordable and Accessible

No one should face barriers when it comes to receiving treatment, and the Dana Day Treatment Center at The Quabbin Retreat is in-network with most major insurance providers and MassHealth.

Accreditation and Licensing

Dana Day Treatment Center is a Joint Commission Accredited healthcare program, and is licensed by the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services through the Department of Public Health - meaning we put the needs and comforts of our patients first always. Safety and quality of care are our priorities. We meet and exceed rigorous performance standards with our staff, while also providing a comfortable, clean day treatment facility.

Treatment Center

The Dana Day Treatment Center
Now Open & Accepting Patients

  • Adult Intensive Outpatient services for treatment of Substance Use and Behavioral Health issues
  •  Masters level educated therapists
  •  Care coordination and family support model

For referrals or more information please call or email us.

Addiction Treatment

McLean Naukeag at Prescott
Now Open & Accepting Patients

  • Adult residential addiction care
  • Expert faculty and staff from U.S. News & World Report’s #1 hospital in psychiatry
  • Specialization in treatment of substance use and co-occurring depression and anxiety

For referrals or more information, please call or email us.