Privacy Notice of Disclosure of Protected Health Information

Heywood Medical Group

Effective Date:  January 2, 2018

The Heywood Medical Group, and all of its providers, staff and agents, is obligated to protect the health information of its patients.  The Heywood Medical Group takes its obligation to protect patient privacy very seriously and will only share your health information when necessary.  This disclosure identifies the most common situations and circumstances in which the Heywood Medical Group may provide to others health information about you.  This is an important document so please keep this for your future reference.

Your health information may be shared with health care facilities and other providers who are involved in the care you receive by providers in the Heywood Medical Group, or who are providers to whom your physician is referring you for continued care or services. This is necessary in order to assure we are providing appropriate care and services to meet your medical and health care needs.  The Heywood Medical Group is a multispecialty medical practice and therefore the health information system is shared among all of its offices.  Strict confidentiality practices are in place for each specialty office that assures protected health information is only accessed when it is appropriate to do so and in accordance with the uses described in this notice.

Your health information may be shared with your insurance company in order for the Heywood Medical Group to be paid for services it provides to you.  Only minimally necessary information is shared to allow the Heywood Medical Group to receive payment for those services.

Your health information may be shared with selected health care and medical professionals who are involved in the operations of the Heywood Medical Group.  These individuals are required to maintain strict patient confidentiality and the Heywood Medical Group has in place special policies and procedures to monitor compliance with confidentiality. These individuals include those who:

  • Review the quality of care or services provided to our patients.
  • Evaluate how we deliver care and services to see if there are ways to improve what we do.
  • Evaluate the medical and health care needs of people in our community to make sure we are meeting their needs as much as possible.
  • Help to teach and train nursing students, medical students, and other students who come to the Heywood Medical Group as part of their education and training to become health care or medical professionals.
  • Evaluate the cost of providing health care or medical services to assure the Heywood Medical Group is using its financial funds wisely while still meeting the needs of our patients.
  • Coordinate care provided to our patients in any setting and by different health care or medical professionals so that patients get what they need when they need it.
  • Review the care and services we provide in order to credential or accredit different types of health care or medical programs.
  • Are part of official government reviews to determine the Heywood Medical Group’s compliance with rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Are official agents of public health authorities involved in the study and evaluation of diseases or illnesses that pose a possible safety threat.

Sometimes specific Authorizations are required from our patients to allow us to release a patient’s health information to others.  Specific Authorization would be required any time any individual, agency, or organization NOT involved in your care or treatment, payment for treatment, or in health care operations (as defined above) requests your health information, AND they are NOT authorized by law or regulations to see your health information, your health information will not be released without your specific authorization to release that information.

You have the right to view your own medical record and add an amendment if you believe the information recorded is not correct.  You have the right to request in writing that the Heywood Medical Group modify its Privacy Practice in relation to your health information.  The Heywood Medical Group is not obligated to comply with your request.  However, if we do agree to your request, we are obligated to comply with it.  Any agreement that the Heywood Medical Group makes to modify its Privacy Practice will be provided only in writing.

The Heywood Medical Group may also share general information with patients who have received services from providers in the Heywood Medical Group.  This information may be health education information, information about health services available to the community, information about opportunities for individuals to participate in fundraising efforts, and other general information.  If you do not wish to receive this type of information, please let the medical receptionist know that you wish to opt out of receiving such communications as described in this paragraph.

If you have any questions about the Heywood Medical Group Privacy Practices, please feel free to contact our Privacy Officer at 978-630-6268 or Corporate Compliance Officer at 978-630-6538.

If you wish to receive a paper copy of this notice, please ask the medical receptionist.