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Ride of Your Life


8th Annual Ride of Your Life suicide prevention event, will be held August 1st, and running through September 8thThis event is a three hour motorcycle ride through North Central Massachusetts. The format of this event has been changed in consideration of the Coronavirus risks, and does not include a large social gathering before, during or post-event. 

How does it work?

There are times that a person engages in things both elemental and physical that lead to feelings of calm, focus, and joy. As riders, we acknowledge a connection between machine, rider, and road that leads to a special level of connectedness in a way we may not experience in other activities. The Wind Therapy Challenge encourages us to capture that connection individually and share it with our larger group. Just like the connections we feel in riding, we can share the experience with others to become connected to something larger. The Wind Therapy Challenge is our way to engage as individuals in the COVID-19 world but engage others by doing something we love to do, something that feels good, and connects us to others that feel something similar.

Anyone willing to participate in the Ride can do so independently on their own time starting August 1st and ending September 8th. Directions to the route can be found here. A short 10-minute review of the 3-hour route can be found below.
Participants are encouraged to take pictures along the way and send to to be featured on our page!

How do I sign up?

Though there is no fee to participate, riders are requested to register so we may include you in our raffles and event promotions, and ensure you receive updated route and event information! Registratants also have the option to donate any amount.

How do I sponsor this event?

We also invite and encourage you and/or your organization to be a part of this event, joining us as a $500 sponsor. As such, we will promote your support via our social media platforms, and with lawn signs which will be placed at various stops along the Ride of Your Life route. The deadline to sponsor is Friday, July 24th.

The proceeds raised from this event help us to continue our suicide prevention efforts including but not limited to education, outreach and programs in our region, to include free Suicide Prevention training.  If you are interested in receiving training, please contact us.                                             


Who can I contact for more information?

For more information please contact Ms. Barbara Nealon, Director of Social and Multi-cultural services, Heywood Hospital, at 978- 630-6386, fax (978) 669-5604 or

Each year, millions of Americans are directly affected by hundreds of thousands of suicide attempts made by friends or loved ones. Suicide was the 10th leading cause of death; two times higher than the number of motor vehicle traffic-related deaths and four times higher than homicides. (Mass DPH DATA BRIEF: SUICIDES AND SELF-INFLICTED INJURIES IN MASSACHUSETTS 2016)