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Patient Notice: Heywood Healthcare Files for Chapter 11 Protection

October 2, 2023

Dear Patient,

Providing you and your family with exceptional patient-centered care is at the heart of Heywood Healthcare. On October 1, 2023, Heywood Healthcare filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, taking a major step to address fiscal challenges impacting our healthcare system, while ensuring the continuation of patient care. Chapter 11 “Reorganization” is a strategic business approach that enables us to effectively address pressing financial issues and contractual challenges, while protecting the delivery of essential healthcare services.

As a partner in this process, a few key points we’d like you to keep in mind are:

  • “Reorganization” is not a closure. Heywood Healthcare remains committed to serving
    our community.
  • A Chapter 11 “Reorganization” is a strategic business measure and proactive approach
    to return us to a position of stability.
  • “Reorganization” protects the continuation of our core essential healthcare services.

You may receive notices regarding the Chapter 11 proceeding, in the mail. Additional information can be found at: A dedicated hotline number has also been set up at 855.316.3719 (toll-free) or 949.620.6343 (international).

We thank you for choosing Heywood Healthcare, and look forward to continuing to be your healthcare home.