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Message from the Heywood Medical Staff President

From the Medical Staff President:

With springtime comes many joys of renewal, including medical staff dues!

As your new medical staff president, I would just like to remind everyone of some of the benefits of membership.

For only $300 per year, you will receive 24/7 access to UpToDate, even remotely. In addition, Heywood provides over 40 hours of Grand Rounds CME, and is one of the most active medical education programs in our state, according to the Mass Medical Society. This is truly a bargain to achieve your required CME of 150 hours every 3 years, and our Grand Rounds also provides a weekly opportunity to schmooze with each other as colleagues. If you have never been to Schwartz Rounds the first Wednesday of the month, you are missing an amazing, nurturing, and often humorous experience in self-reflective caregiving.

These features of membership make us smarter physicians and APPs, and more caring and supportive of our patients and each other. Heywood is the kind of place where the community hospital staff size, as well as administrative partnership, make each of us a valuable and important professional player in our hospital system.

In that light, I would like YOU (more than your $300) to be part of the process of Heywood. As outlined in the new bylaws, I will be looking to revise and develop the hospital committees, the places where you can become engaged and feel empowered to contribute. Our hospital and our medical staff are made up of each of our individual skills and expertise, and our collective desire to make our community proud and give Heywood a reputation as an exceptional place to care for patients.

I know I am asking for your time. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with demands, and it is important to care for ourselves. Being engaged can often be empowering, because you are actively making a difference. It’s just as important to value ourselves as caregivers and support each other in our mission, to ultimately deliver excellent patient care.

As each of us goes forward each day, we might ask ourselves:

  • Did you save a life? Dry a tear?
  • Did you fix a problem? Or inch toward better chronic care management?
  • Did you listen? Did you educate?
  • Did you smile with someone, or maybe even laugh out loud?
  • Did you hug a patient?
  • Did you hear a “thank you”?

First, remind yourself that you really do have the best job in the world.

Second, our value is so much less about what we attain, as what we bring.

I’m looking forward to working with each of you “bringing it” in the coming months!

Michele C. Parker, MD