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A Message About Quality and Safety from the President & CEO

Win BrownA Letter to Our Community About Our Quality & Safety

Heywood Hospital is committed to providing high quality and safe care to our patients. To achieve this goal, we have a number of programs, processes, and procedures in place to further improve our performance. Elsewhere on our website you will see a small sampling of some of our quality data that is reported publicly to the various government organizations which are charged with monitoring the quality of care hospitals provide to their patients. We are pleased that we performed well on these measures, however our mission compels us to work to continually improve our patient experience.

Our hospital has a robust 30 member Patient Care Assessment Committee, which includes Trustees and Physicians that oversee the quality and safety efforts of our organization. Some of the key performance areas we focus on include medication safety, preventing healthcare associated infections, patient readmissions to acute care, and appropriateness of therapies. We are pleased to say that we do very well in these areas and our performance continues to improve. If we find any variance in performance from what we desire, we take extra steps to find the root cause of any problem and implement actions for improvement by utilizing expertise found in our multidisciplinary committees and task forces.

Heywood’s Board of Trustees is actively engaged in reviewing and evaluating the quality and safety of services we provide to our patients and their families. At each Board meeting, time is allocated to review performance measures with our Trustees, discussing achievements as well as opportunities for further improvement, and establishing future goals and objectives.

One important goal our Board and Management Team have jointly set for our hospital’s future is to become a high reliability organization. While this journey takes time, it is immensely worthwhile, and we are working toward our destination with enthusiasm and dedication.

In the future, we will share periodic updates on achievements in quality and safety, as we continue to advance our efforts and performance. Also, I encourage you to review our annual report from our Patient and Family Advisory Committee found, found under Publications on our website.

If you would like to share comments about your experience at Heywood Hospital, or provide input and suggestions on how we may further meet your needs, Please email me at

In Good Health,

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Winfield S. Brown
President and CEO