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Heywood Physician Hospital Organization

About Heywood PHO

The Heywood Physician Hospital Organization, Inc. is the primary vehicle for managed care contracting for the Heywood Hospital medical staff, and maintains a strong focus on quality of care and efficiency of services, including pay for performance incentive programs.

Members of the Heywood PHO support and promote preventive care services, early intervention for those patients who have new onset illnesses, and good coordination of care between primary care and specialists, as well as with the hospital. Many of the Heywood PHO’s efforts are directed at improving patient education, assuring that patients receive the preventive services which they need, arranging for needed medical care, and also working with its membership to provide that care in the most appropriate setting.

Although the Heywood PHO is an independent, not-for-profit organization, it works very closely with Heywood Hospital. There are currently over 100 physician members in the Heywood PHO. Most physicians have Heywood Hospital as their primary hospital affiliation, but a number of physicians also have primary affiliation is with Worcester-based tertiary care centers or other community hospitals.

The collegial working relationship among the large number of primary care physicians and our specialists, as well as the excellent working relationship with Heywood Hospital, allows the Heywood PHO to maintain a community dedicated to providing medical care to residents in Gardner and the surrounding communities. We work to provide medical care locally as much as possible because we believe in community-based care which promotes exceptional medical care at a low cost.

If you would like to learn more about the Heywood PHO, please call 978-630-6538 or send your questions or comments to