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Athol Hospital Emergency Department & Medical Office Building

The new Emergency Department will double the capacity of the current space and transform it to the current industry standard of care, providing:

• Eight private dedicated acute care rooms
• Five dedicated behavioral health rooms
• Separate ambulance entrance
• More efficient workflow
• 13 exam rooms


Our Fulfilling Our Promise campaign addresses Athol Hospital’s necessary upgrades including new Emergency and Outpatient Departments.

The Emergency Department (ED) was constructed in 1953, with accommodations acceptable for the times. Today, we care
for over 12,000 patients a year throughout the North Quabbin region. The needs of the region, as well as healthcare standards, have shifted significantly over the past 50+ years, with a greater emphasis on behavioral health and the need to improve privacy, infection control and wait times.

Meeting the emergency healthcare needs of our growing area in an outdated facility has caused over-crowding and limited patient privacy, with many patients housed in the hallway awaiting an available room. Patient rooms are separated by curtains rather than walls, further challenging privacy.

It is difficult for medical staff to work around a critical patient without bumping into equipment or each other. Because our current Emergency Department lacks a separate area for behavioral health patients, frequently these close quarters are exacerbated.

The new Emergency Department will alleviate these conditions, replace curtains with walls to provide adequate privacy, improve infection control by improving air circulation, create a comfortable area for family members and allow for dedicated behavioral
health observation rooms.

Medical Office Building renovations will facilitate expansion of current space to better accommodate patients and outpatient services. The infrastructure will be enhanced with the latest technologies. Approximately 13,330 sq. feet of state-of-the-art handicapped accessible new space will be developed. Services such as audiology, cardiology, diabetes care, oncology, physical therapy and speech therapy are critical to the longevity of Athol Hospital. State-of-the-art facilities will attract physicians to practice medicine in our rural community; which remains a longstanding challenge.

"We are very proud of the exceptional care provided at Athol Hospital. We want to ensure that we continue to meet the healthcare challenges faced by our patients, and provide the facilities and level of care our communities deserve."
Doug Starret, Cheney Castine, David Hillis
Tri-chairs of Athol Emergency Department/MOB project