Cardiac CT Scan

Heywood Hospital is pleased to announce the opening of its noninvasive Cardiac CT program.  This program is a product of close cooperation between the Radiology and Cardiology Services here at Heywood Hospital.  This program is led by cardiologist, Dr. Michael Stauder, M.D. as our Director of Cardiac Imaging. 

“Heart Scan”  Cardiac CT for Calcium Scoring

Cardiac CT Angiography (CCTA)


This exam may be especially beneficial to patients with risk factors for heart disease including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, family history of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Not sure if Cardiact CT Calcium Scoring is for you? Ask your primary care physician if you may be a good candidate for this cardiac screening test. 

The Cardiac CT Calcium Score exam
is non-invasive and costs only $99. It is not covered by insurance. Physician referral required.

Make your appointment today by
calling 978-630-5070.



One patient’s experience: "The Cardiac CT at Heywood saved my life"

Cardiac CT Angiography may be covered by your health insurance plan.

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