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Heywood Healthcare Annual Appeal

We are proud to be your community hospitals, providing exceptional healthcare services with compassion and respect to generations of our family and friends. It is the support of this community that has underwritten numerous initiatives that otherwise would not be possible.

Through your giving, you have made it possible to provide:

• Nutrition education to 160 individuals including seniors, veterans and diabetes patients through cooking classes, shopping tours and interactive presentations

• Nutrition education and physical activities to over 400 elementary students

• Food assistance to 150 low-income and at-risk youth

• Health information about heart disease and diabetes to over 900 individuals

• Chronic disease self-management programs to over 260 individuals

• Offer free support to more than 2,000 on issues related to housing, food, transportation, behavioral and substance abuse

• Support internship opportunities for more than 300 students pursuing careers in healthcare

All of these programs and services, among others, address chronic disease, social determinants of health and foster civic engagement and learning opportunities.

Your Annual Fund giving helps to address health disparities in our region, improve access to care and wellness, and provide options and hope for numerous people who are struggling. 

We thank you for your past support, and ask you to once again consider a gift so we may continue our good works to strengthen our community, and improve the health and welfare of those we care about.

In good health,

Winfield S. Brown                            Dawn M. Casavant
President & CEO                             Vice President of Philanthropy
Heywood Healthcare                        Heywood Healthcare 

Planning Your Legacy with Heywood Healthcare

Think about tomorrow today. A charitable planned gift to the Heywood Healthcare Charitable Foundation is one way to leave a legacy of caring for generations to come.

Planned giving is also a prudent way to reduce or eliminate gift, estate, capital gains and income taxes on the funds you give for charitable purposes, while supporting Heywood Healthcare’s mission of exceptional patient-centered care.

Your thoughtful gift can enable new technologies and enhance our ability to provide patient care, touching thousands of men, women and children who benefit from the many programs and services that the Heywood Healthcare system provides.

Bequests and Gifts of Appreciated Securities
A planned gift by will, known as a bequest, provides the opportunity to create a legacy once your needs and those of your loved
ones have been met.

Funds are usually bequeathed as a residual amount (i.e. a share or percentage of your estate) or a specific dollar amount or a specific piece of personal or other property.

There are many benefits of making a bequest:
• A bequest is a tax-effective means of supporting Heywood Healthcare
• You have use of the asset while you are alive.
• You can designate your gift for a specific purpose that meets your interest, such as capital projects or programs.
• A bequest is revocable and can be changed while you are alive. You can change your will if your financial circumstances change.

Gifts of appreciated securities may enable you to give more than you thought possible. Stocks and bonds that have appreciated in value and have been held for more than 12 months may be donated with distinct advantages to the donor and Heywood Healthcare.

Gifts of Real Estate, Life Insurance and Other Personal Property
Gifts of real estate, life insurance and other personal property are also accepted and may offer certain advantages to a donor. Your tax attorney, accountant or financial advisor can help you determine the most advantageous form of giving to suit your particular tax or financial situation. Heywood Healthcare can provide you with a list of local professionals if you are in need of a referral.

For more information about including Athol Hospital, Heywood Hospital or Heywood Healthcare in your will or estate plans, please contact Dawn Casavant in the Philanthropy Office at (978) 669-5624.

To make your gift online, please visit
To send a gift by mail: enclose a check made out to Heywood Healthcare and send via Interoffice Mail or Postal Service to the following address: 
Heywood Healthcare
Philanthropy Department
242 Green Street, Gardner, MA  01440

Thank you considering support of Athol Hospital and Heywood Hospital, members of the Heywood Healthcare Family